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Another 10 FREE WordPress Plugins I’ve Got and You Need

Another 10 WordPress Plugins I'm Using and You NeedMaybe I’m a little plugin happy right now… but I’m loving all these add ons! If you are using something that I haven’t listed yet, please let me know in the comments. Okay, here are another 10 WordPress plugins I’m using:

  1. ALL IN ONE ADSENSE AND YPN: Inserts Adsense or YPN ads into your posts in either a random position or a preset position. Easy to set up, give it a shot here.
  2. DBS BACKUP: You’ve gotta back up! Usually it takes some disaster to convince a person to start backing up their work, don’t wait for that to happen to you. Grab this simple plugin to start backing up your work automatically and you’ll sleep better at night. Get it here.
  3. FREECHARITY.ORG.UK WORDPRESS PETITION: Now this plugin is only useful to you if you actually want to run a petition on your blog. In my case, I’ve got a petition for Google Adwords to start treating it’s customers better because of a little incident that involved them terminating my account without warning or explanation and basically treating me with complete disregard after happily taking my money for the past year. You can read more about this whole ordeal in this post. Since this happened to me, I’ve done a little research and found that many other Adwords customers are experiencing similar treatment and so I thought I’d start a petition. This plugin was so easy to set us and words beautifully. You can see it in action on this page, and grab the plugin here.
  4. NETWORK PUBLISHER: This plugin automates the tedious process of promoting your new posts on your social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and tons of others. Just follow the super easy instructions to set it up to interact with all your other accounts, and then set up the options. For me, whenever I publish a post, this plugin posts a link to it on my Facebook wall and Tweets it out to my followers on Twitter. This is a fantastic time saver! You can grab it here.
  5. OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW: This is pretty straight forward. You want people to stay on your site as long as possible, but you want to offer useful links to other info and products around the web right? Well, you can always modify each link to open in a new window when you initially set up the link, but in my case, I imported fifty or so posts over from Blogger and I’d rather not have to go back and fix all of them! I am already annoyed at the job ahead of me of importing and relinking all my images! You can get the plugin here.
  6. PERMALINK FINDER: If you’ve done some restructuring and your blog is too big to go and check all the links, this plugin will set your mind at ease. Instead of displaying a 404 error to your reader, it will search for a page that is most similar and display that one. Hopefully this will lead to your reader finding what he or she wants without being the wiser. Also, spiders will see a 301 redirect and change their databases to lead to the new page in searches. Ahhh… You can get the plugin here.
  7. PRINT FRIENDLY: This is a very nice thing to do for your readers. This plugin ads a customizable print link that allows the reader to print just the article, without side bars and comments and ads. They can also chose to remove images in the article or print as PDF. You can get the plugin here.
  8. SIMPLE AUTHOR HIGHLIGHTER: If you reply to your commenters, then grab this plugin to highlight your responses so that readers can quickly scroll through the comments to find yours. You can get the plugin here.
  9. QUOTE COMMENTS: This plugin ads a two little links to each of your comments that say “REPLY” and “QUOTE” so that commenters can quote and reference or reply to other comments. This makes the train of comments make more sense when reading. You can get the plugin here.
  10. STATPRESS RELOADED: Get real time stats for your blog, including number of visitors, page views, spiders, feeds and reader info such as: operating system, IP address, referrer and search engines including the search terms used. This might be a little snoopy, but use your new found information for good not evil, okay? Get the plugin here.

From the time I started this post a few weeks ago, and now – when I’m finally getting around to finishing it, I’ve installed soooo many more awesome free plugins! I’ll definitely be sharing them all soon, so be sure to check back soon! I’m also going to share the plugins that I’m using on my webstore at Two Crafty Chicks which are more suitable for e-commerce sites and online stores.

What plugins are your faves? What am I missing?



  1. Jim says:

    Thank you for adding my plugin (Simple Author Highlighter) :)

  2. Lady Bones says:

    Hey no prob! It’s awesome :)

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